Robert Gates Memoir Stirs Controversy

VIDEO 1–Wallstreet Journal Senior Columnist Michael Casey interviews Fmr. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Snowden, Obama, Syria and more. (25:31)

VIDEO 2-OSINTAnalyst.com Tubesnack

(OSINTAnalyst.com) A compilation from the open-source focusing on fmr. US Defense Secretary and fmr. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency  (DCIA) Robert Gates.  This tubesnack begins with the complete CNN Wolf Blitzer interview in its entirety, and includes commentary and opinion from some of the biggest names to the smallest names in news.

Last Week’s Featured YouTube Video

Gavin Newsome On Government and Technology In 2013  from TechCrunch

Published on Jan 2, 2014

The fury of California’s second most powerful state politician is, ironically, directed at government itself. After what Newsom called “the debacle” of Obama’s Healthcare.gov roll-out, he says that we now know how fundamentally useless government is when it comes to what he calls the “procurement” of technology. Andrew Keen talks with the Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

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