What we do

Open Source Analyst is your virtual analyst bringing you news and information of note from around the world.  Alternative and main sources of information are provided.  Comments are always welcome, but they are moderated so be patient.  If you would like to submit articles to the page contact us on Twitter @OSINT981 for approval.

Our Mission

We strive to provide unbiased open-source news, intelligence, and analysis to the public allowing every individual to make up their own mind. Additionally, we will provide opportunities for everyone to contribute to analysis by simply sharing an opinion. Collectively we will curate content while keeping an ear to the ground for current and future events poised to shape our world.

Have any questions, comments, or great thoughts? We respond to everyone so email customerservice@osintanalyst.com now and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Enjoy this unbiased corner of news and intelligence from the open source and tell your friends!

OSINTAnalyst.com Products

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Products Currently, OSINTAnalyst.com offers a wide variety of products and services. A variety of products designed to enhance daily life are available now, some are in BETA mode, and others are currently in development mode. Advertising opportunities are also available for small businesses.

-On-demand custom analysis on a wide range of topics including; Real Estate, National Security, Domestic Security, Predictive Policing, Social Analytics, Business Intelligence, Home Owners Associations, problem with pesky neighbors, troubled youth, dealing with bullies, child abduction, child homicide, and more.
-Daily Open-Source Intelligence Brief (Selected Subject Areas)

-Unclassified Whitepapers/Threat Assessments/Program Analysis

– Copy Editing & Content Advice for Students, Bloggers, Freelance Journalists, etc.

-Digital Publication Services for Established Experts, Freelance Journalists, Bloggers, and anyone with an opinion to share.

-Customized Geographic Information System (GIS) Projects

-Social Media Analytics Monitoring or one-time assessments
-Business Intelligence Services by contract, on-demand, month-to-month, and a-la-carte.
-Coffee mugs, smartphone and tablet accessories, computer accessories, home decor, modern clocks, bar ware, high quality outerwear, underwear, sleepwear, hats, gift items, and more.
-Smart Mobile Applications

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